Style 70 RC2
Piva Casa Sicura

The Style70RC2 System consists of a 5-chamber profile, 2 gaskets and a 70 mm frame. High resistance to driving rain ensures water drainage to the outside without backflow.

Standard fittings on doors and windows include locking hardware on all sides, with octagonal pins, safety strikes, P4A safety glass, handle with 100Nm key and anti-drill protection plates.

With the Style70 RC2 Series, windows, French windows, parallel sliding and lift and slide systems are produced.

On the parallel sliding and lift and slide version, additional protection is provided, such as structural glass bonding, internal 20/10 galvanized steel reinforcement and internal handle with anti-drill protection plate, external cup and cylinder lock on the internal side only.

Some of the colours available

Colours embellish, complete, surround, define and highlight. For this reason our colour range includes a vast assortment of nuances and finishes to choose from for a functional and customizable combination of architectural styles.

  • Click to enlarge image 5-rovere-gold.jpg Gold Oak
  • Click to enlarge image 6-noce-gold.jpg Gold Walnut
  • Click to enlarge image blu-chiaro.jpg Light Blue
  • Click to enlarge image grigio-antracite.jpg Anthracite Grey
  • Click to enlarge image mogano.jpg Mahogany
  • Click to enlarge image rosso-vinaccia.jpg Wine Red
  • Click to enlarge image verde-adria.jpg Adria Green
  • Click to enlarge image winchester.jpg Winchester