Functionality and Aesthetics

Skyline combines easy assembly, versatility and design; doors and windows that make uniqueness its strong point.

Skyline is a system with a 76 mm thick, 3-gasket, 6-chamber L or Z-shaped frame. Standard fittings include tilt and turn hardware with two security points on windows and four on French windows, low emission glazing with argon gas and Warm Edge spacer, and microventilation.

Skyline combines the aesthetics of aluminium with the major functional advantages of PVC in a single structural element.

The external aluminium component provides a design with bold lines and unlimited colour possibilities, while the PVC internal part ensures thermal insulation, no maintenance and dimensional stability, even for large size closures, especially French windows.

Skyline includes glass panes up to 56 mm thick. The door and window section has an excellent thermal performance; the thermal transmittance of the standard version is equal to Uf=1.2 W/m2K.

Some of the colours available

Colours embellish, complete, surround, define and highlight. For this reason our colour range includes a vast assortment of nuances and finishes to choose from for a functional and customizable combination of architectural styles.

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