Piva Casa Sicura RC2
80% of break-ins in our homes occur by windows and French windows being forced open; the weak point par excellence of our homes and the first point to be protected in terms of home security.

Elements that make a difference

  • sicurezza 1Security hardware
    specific steel strikers positioned within the door or window perimeter to resist any attempt of burglary or intrusion.
  • sicurezzaDrill-proof plate
    to protect doors and windows by preventing the burglar from perforating the door/window with a drill.
  • sicurezzaHandle with key
    to lock the handle opening mechanism to prevent any manoeuvre from the outside.
  • sicurezza 4P4A safety glass
    designed to withstand violent and repeated blows by iron bars, hammers and blunt objects in general. The glass consists of a sequence of glass panes and films that increase its resistance.

Certified RC2 burglar-resistant doors and windows are a result of the above features

What is the RC2 burglar resistance class?

The acronym RC (which stands for Resistance Class) indicates the class of resistance required to certify the anti-burglary feature of a door or a window.

The resistance classes are divided according to a test procedure, employing tools and methods used by burglars and to test break-in resistance.

Break-in resistance does not mean that a door or a window is impregnable, but it is the property of a door or a window to withstand the attack of intruders, using different tools for a specific amount of time, to discourage the intention of the burglar.

The tools used for RC2 certification are screwdrivers, pliers, wedges and hammers.

Piva RC2 doors and windows do not alter the aesthetics (that stand out), break-in resistance features are provided in an elegant and design skin, because safety does not mean compromising the aesthetics.