Roma Line
To enjoy an endless view, open your home to the outside with a light sliding movement.

The lift and slide systems offer a wide variety of designs for panoramic solutions.

The lift and slide systems of the Roma Line are designed to meet the most stringent requirements of thermal insulation, stability and safety. Thanks to the particularly slim central section, the system offers innovative and aesthetically appealing solutions capable of giving maximum brightness to the interior.

Outdoors without borders

To improve accessibility to buildings and homes, the lift and slide systems of the Roma Line are available in different types of opening and with lowered threshold. The special opening angle solution allows the living spaces to open outwards without any obstacle or restriction.

In addition, large sliding doors, with door leaves weighing up to 300 kg each, can be created with this sturdy system.

The modern design, low threshold, RC2 protection class against break-ins and improved thermal values up to 2.78 W/m²K make the Roma line lift and slide system one of the most advanced sliding systems on the market.

For the most demanding customers, the Roma Line is also available in the Lift & Slide version, the lift and slide system that connects the interior with the exterior. The large openings allow the passage of natural light in the home and blend in with the furnishing style in all seasons, becoming an actual interior design element.

Endless types of woods and finishes, colour solutions adapted to your aesthetic requirements, woodgrain effects, classic and powder coatings including two-tone versions. This is without neglecting the safety of a high quality product designed to stand the test of time.

The wide choice of finishes available with the entire range of products gives value to both contemporary and traditional living solutions.

The durability of our colours is guaranteed by Qualicoat quality certification.