Firenze Line
Functionality and Aesthetics

The Piva Group-branded Firenze Line is a system featuring high thermal insulation in the production of internal and external opening doors and windows that combines elegance and comfort in a unique design.

The Firenze line is available in a variety of styles and double or triple glazed solutions for doors and windows, without affecting the ultra-slim design of the system.

The line is completed by the high air, water and wind tightness, thus ensuring a high level of internal comfort in your home.

Today, the greater construction depth of the system makes it possible to install a wider range of HR++ and HR+++ glass, reaching Uw values of 1.4W/m²K.

Endless types of woods and finishes, colour solutions adapted to your aesthetic requirements, woodgrain effects, classic and powder coatings including two-tone versions. This is without neglecting the safety of a high quality product designed to stand the test of time.

The wide choice of finishes available with the entire range of products gives value to both contemporary and traditional living solutions.

The durability of our colours is guaranteed by Qualicoat quality certification.